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Is this one of your biggest worries? –

It’s a huge dilemma, and one that has plagued wedding and party planners for ages. But there is hope! Read on for a couple of fresh ideas that will guarantee a better headcount.

The term RSVP is a French acronym, which stands for Répondez s’il vous plait. Or in English, Please Respond. In the past, when snail mail was the best means of communication, invitations were eagerly responded to, via mail or hand delivery, using the RSVP card that was enclosed. You’ve most likely seen inside invitations you’ve received in the past. But this time it’s your turn, and you really need an accurate headcount! Try one of these new methods, and you’re sure to calm all your worries!

  1. Regrets Only – One of the tried and true methods for a more accurate headcount is to add the words “regrets only” to your RSVP. This implies that only those who cannot attend (assuming they regret their absence), will contact you to let you know. This method works much better than simply requiring the guest to RSVP no matter what the situation, but it’s still a bit iffy.
  2. Let’s Have a Vote! – Typical RSVP cards include a choice of meal, such as chicken, beef or vegetarian. Information like that is often imperative, but this is a more creative way to request an RSVP. Add to the card a request for their vote on the song for your first dance, or the flavor of cake they’d enjoy most. Think hard for unique ideas, and you’re sure to come up with something fun, that will get their attention and get your mailbox full!
  3. Go Stamp-less – For couples who know that their guests are busy, and most certainly tech savvy, provide a website where they can go to RSVP. provides a free and easy service. You just set up your RSVP the way you want it, and include the link (which you make up yourself), on your invitation. That’s it!
  4. Make it fun! – There are numerous ways to make your RSVP a lot more fun, rather than the formal card with only boxes to check, or names and numbers to fill in. Take a look at the RSVPs below, there might be one to your liking. And you’ll certainly get a lot more response from one of these!









  1. Idle threats – Okay, not necessarily threats, but a fun (slightly sarcastic) line might help a bit. Sometimes guilt helps folks move forward! Here’s the best one we found. The “P.S.” is delightful!

Whichever route you decide to take, any of these fresh ideas will aid in getting a better handle on your final headcount. We hope you find something that works perfectly for your wonderful event.