Is Pinterest Ruining your Wedding Planning?

  • By Jeffery Hall
  • March 30, 2018

Let’s be honest, whether we are currently engaged or single we have all took a peek into the glamorous trends of Pinterest wedding ideas! From dramatic bridal photos on top of a mountain in a lightning storm to extravagant lantern lift offs shadowing the perfect kiss from the new husband and wife, we have all had our eyes “opened” by the extreme wedding creativity in the world. As great as this tidal wave of ideas is, it can actually become super harmful to your wedding planning process.
The first problem that can arise is a constant state of indecision. For example, finding a wedding dress is a tough challenge to tackle, but it becomes even harder when we constantly second guess the decision because of the breathtaking dress we just saw on Pinterest. And it’s not just applicable to deciding on a dress, this indecision can factor into deciding on flowers, food, decorations, invitations, and even photos. With countless wedding decisions to be made, there literally is not enough time in the day to second guess everything.
The second problem is unrealistic expectations that break the bank and destroy confidence. We all have dreams of fairytale weddings, but what we never dreamed up is the mountain of credit card debt. Pinterest ideas can be expensive and unattainable on a reasonable budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some of the Pinterest ideas, simply stay away from overloading your ideas and your budget. Staying realistic also helps save you from unneeded disappointment. Unrealistic expectations can be crushing, and Pinterest often heightens such feelings. The fact of the matter is our lives aren’t Pinterest perfect. So we can count on not having a Pinterest perfect wedding either.
The key to planning a wedding with the aid of Pinterest is making it your wedding, not a “Pinterest wedding”. In moderation, Pinterest can help you find ideas and simple hacks to make your life easier. Let Pinterest help your wedding planning become easier, rather than harder! Stay realistic, stay on budget, stay sane, and the best hack of all—hire a wedding planner to take on the stress!