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Dance Floor Rentals in Utah


A beautiful hardwood dance floor creates a marvelous centerpiece for your event.  It shows you know how to entertain with style.  Our solid oak floor* is maintained to a high gloss finish that illuminates your event for that classic high-end look.  Or you can spread some straw across the top to put you right in the middle of a good old barn-yard country stomp.

Dance floors are more than just wedding decor.  They are a perfect addition for birthday & holiday parties, formals, fundraisers, or any event with a DJ or live music.

How large of a dance floor will you need?  Our floor sections are 3’x4’.  The most versatile size floor is 18’x20’.  This size floor will accommodate approximately 72 dancers in close proximity.  This size is also perfect for smaller crowds of more mature guests that gracefully move about the dance floor vs. the youth who like to pack it in tight jumping up and down.

Here are just a few common examples of sizes you can use in planning your event.

Dance Floor Dimensions Prices Number of Dancers


12’ x 15’ $278 30
15’ x 16’ $370 45
18’ x 20’ $555 70
20’ x 21’ $648 85
24’ x 24’ $888 110


*Solid wood floors require a dry environment.  Sprinklers, irrigation, rain, or any other source of moisture must be turned off, diverted, or otherwise planned for in order to install the floor outdoors.


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