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When planning a big party or special event, one of the most frustrating yet common occurrences is the inability to figure out your final head count. You need to have enough food and plenty of place settings, yet you don’t want to overpay for guests who won’t show up. Unfortunately, many people need some extra motivation to RSVP. Here are a few creative suggestions.

Make It Interactive

Use pictures or graphics to enhance your invitations. Ask guests to circle the picture of the meal they want, or to circle their level of excitement on a chart. Anything eye-catching and participatory in nature is likely to get better response levels than a standard fill in the blank RSVP card.

Make It Exciting

Your event is a huge deal, so make it feel that way right off the bat. Try designing invitations that resemble concert tickets or tickets to a movie premiere. Dazzle your guests with the excitement of your event, and they are more likely to excitedly respond.

Make It Creative

Unless you’re having an extremely traditional wedding, old-school RSVP wording is now passé. Come up with fun, slightly snarky wording to give your guests a laugh. Show off your style, and they will be more eager to get back to you.

Take a Poll

People love to share their opinions. Up your response rate by asking them to vote on something, such as the first dance song for a wedding or the main activity for a kids’ party. Be sure to provide several options that you would enjoy so that whatever the majority chooses, you will be fine with.

Make It Easy

Today, people rarely send out much snail mail. Do you really need RSVP cards, or would an email, phone call, or Facebook message do? Consider following up your written invitations with an e-vite, or simply include a note that it’s fine to respond in easier ways. You could also send a mass email to those guests who don’t RSVP right away.

No matter how you design your RSVPs, make sure you include spots for all relevant information: the guest name(s), yes or no to attending, any dietary restrictions, and meal choice (if applicable). Keep it short and sweet.

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