A wedding planner is the difference between you and your family enjoying the day of your wedding (and the days leading up to it) or having to work long hours to bring it all together. A good wedding planner has years of experience designing and planning events.  Small, but important, details most people never think of are quietly taken care of because a good planner knows the ins and outs of weddings. They are an expert in the planning and running of a wedding so you can have the wedding experience you’ve always dreamt of.  And they do the clean up afterward!


For more information please call and talk with one of our amazing wedding planners.

Wedding Planning Pricing

We want to give you the best wedding experience at a price you can afford.  With that in mind, we have a selection of services for planning your wedding that start as low as $500. We allow you to choose basic services a la carte or packages from Day Of all the way to a Full Coordination. Our most popular package starts at $1,250. We would love to consult with you about your Utah wedding and help you choose a wedding plan that meets both your needs and budget.  Our basic Wedding Day Management (a.k.a. “Day of”) consists of these promises:

  1. Personalized consultation and wedding “checklist” developed for you to work from.
  2. Decor consultation—discuss your overall event vision and design; plan created for execution on wedding day.
  3. Timeline development for you, wedding party, and vendors if needed
  4. Venue walk through
  5. Guidance of wedding etiquette
  6. Complete care of setting up and taking down of decor and rentals (tables, chairs, etc.) on wedding day
  7. Coordination of vendor check-in on wedding day
  8. Serve as point-person for all vendors and time management on wedding day (cue music, speeches, toasts, cake cutting, etc.)
  9. Clean-up after reception


For more information please call and talk with one of our amazing wedding planners.