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Throwing a party at home or in an unusual venue means lots of work. But a good party rental company can save you a lot of hassle and even help with planning. Whether it is a small family celebration or a large wedding extravaganza, you’ll want to plan everything beforehand. This includes everything from the catering dishes rental to proper seating arrangement, event background setup, and photography.

As the host, you’ll want to ensure that you have all the necessary items ready so that the party is fun-filled, enjoyable and memorable for every guest. You’ll want people to feel happy and comfortable as soon as they arrive. You’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate amount of seating for everyone, and that the venue has some elegant decorations. By renting the right items, you can easily plan your special celebration without taking much hassle. With a little help from an experienced party rental company, your event is sure to be memorable.


How to Start Planning Your Party

Choosing the right theme is very important. This is the first step in planning a party. If you have a theme in mind, discuss it with your family and friends to see if they can help or give you more ideas. Don’t forget to include costume party ideas in your list of themes. Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween, and it instantly adds fun and excitement to your event.

Once you have your theme settled, you can start planning the details:

  • How many guests are you inviting? And how many do you expect to actually attend?
  • Will you be serving food? Just appetizers or a full meal?
  • Do you need to have games or other activities?
  • Will there be dancing or people speaking?
  • What kind of decorations and what color?


Renting Items

Whether your party is big or small, you’ll need necessary items such as chair and table, marquee, chafing dishes, and decorations for your party. For both corporate get-togethers and private parties, you may need to rent an audio system, portable dance floor or even a DJ. For even more fun and excitement, you might also want to consider renting a bubble machine or a soft serve ice cream machine. A party equipment rental company can help you with all this and more.

Party rental companies now offer everything from table linens to china and flatware to rent. This is a great help for those who are planning a special party. Event specialists from these companies also provide assistance in selecting the right table and chair setting for your party. Ask to see photos of past events so that you can get ideas on what items, styles and color schemes you might want to have for your party.


Tables and Chairs Rentals

Even for a small cocktail party, you need to include appropriate and ample seating options for your guests. Chair and table for renting are easily available. Party rental places offer wide choices of chairs, matching linens and decor items. You’ll easily be able to select the dining setup that matches your party theme.

While arranging the chair and table for your guests’ dining, you also need to ensure that there is enough space in the party venue to provide the right amount of seating for each guest so that they can enjoy their meal. Selections of dining table include round, oblong, long and rectangular ones. Be creative while choosing the seating arrangements. Based on your theme and choice, you can either choose an elegant banquet seating or a casual setting for your upcoming party.


Flatware and Utensils Rentals

If your party includes dining options, then you will need to make sure you have serving and eating utensils. Cooking and serving dishes can be rented as well. Chafing dishes, buffet trays, candy trays and jars, and dessert fountains, ice cream makers and party drink serving trays can be rented as per your need. Serving utensil choices also include cake servers, tongs, scissor tongs, serving ladle and spoons, cake knife and spatulas, ice scoops, and gravy boats. Cutlery caddies, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders and place card holders are also available for renting.

China and glassware options include everything from chargers to glass plates and specialty flatware. If you are looking for something unique and particular like silver plate and serving dishes, make sure you place your order in advance. Don’t forget to rent the barware, stemware and specialty glassware to match your party theme.


Tents or Canopies Rentals

For outdoor party setup, you’ll want some type of shelter from sun or rain as well. Instead of buying costly tents, you can always rent them. A well-made tent offers a shady shelter for your guests to have fun during the occasion. Choices of tents include a variety of sizes, styles and colors. The most common ones are rectangular for a stand-up cocktail party and the huge party canopy for a sit-down party. While calculating the square feet, take 15 ft per person for a sit-down party and 10 sq ft for a stand-up one. If your party should include a dance floor, a buffet station, and stages, you may need to rent multiple tents.

Canopies are available in a variety of styles. The most popular and common ones are the pole tent. These tents are less expensive compared to other varieties. Installing these is easy and less time consuming, too.


Sound System Rentals

Depending on your party requirements, you may want to rent a sound system. For dancing, music and fun, you will need an upbeat atmosphere. A sound system is a must if you are setting up a dance floor stage. A dance floor and a DJ night are ultimate fun and entertainment for your guests. A sound system with subwoofers, microphone and speakers are available for renting, too. Additionally, you can rent disco lights, spotlights and disco balls for your dance floor depending on your choice. After all, creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere is always a priority while planning a party for your guests. You can rent a sound system only for a few hours or the entire day depending on your needs. Also, you can plan to play some dance music for your guests for their fun and entertainment.


Additional Items to Consider

Clearly, it is important to make sure you have or rent all basic items for your party. Apart from that, you may need to rent a few extra items. Here are some other details to consider. You may want to find: helium tanks, chocolate fountains, and photographers, florists, caterers, clowns or other party entertainers. Party specialists and entertainment planners can also help you find the best entertainment options for your guests.

With your party item rentals being taken care of, you can have peace of mind. If you need any assistance with installation, party planning, and arrangements, you can always hire specialists and planners. These professionals and their team will help you with the logistics, party planning and operations and after-party work too. Also, these planners will give you contacts for food vendors, caterers, and florists who you may need on the day of your party. When your party is planned with consideration given to all the details, you know your party will be a success and you can actually enjoy your party alongside your guests.